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Canvas Supply and  Industries Directory in Australia 
A & B Canvas Australia
A B C Products
Abacus Shade Structures
ABC Blinds
ABGAL Liners & Covers
Absolute Trade Supplies
Academy Tarps Pty Ltd
Advanced Shade Systems Pty Ltd
Aeronaut Automation
Aerosail Shade Structures
Airlie Sail & Shade solutions
Albury Canvas Co.
All Ropes and More
All Seasons Vinyl & Canvas Pty Ltd
Allstruct Blinds & Shade Sails
Allunga Exposure Laboratory
Amazing Shades & Sails
Aqua Shades
Architectural Sails
Arcus Wire Group Pty Ltd
Atkins Fabrication (Aust) P/L
Atlas Awnings Northern Rivers
AusFresco Shade Solutions
Aussie Traveller Pty Ltd
Austech Welders Pty Ltd
Austex Industrial Fabrics
Austral Parasols
Awnings WA Pty Ltd
B & J Canvas
Bang Stationery & Packaging Pty Ltd
BDM Leather & Canvas Pty Ltd
Beavers Canvas Goods Marquee Hr
Bee Jays Canvas & Co.
Beehive Vinyl Products Pty Ltd
Berconia Pty Ltd
Betta Canvas Products
Big Red Shade Products Pty Ltd
Billabong Shade
Bob Power Canvas Pty Ltd
Boomerang Canvas Pty Ltd
Bradmill Outdoor Fabrics
Burnett Motor Trimmers
C E Bartlett
C Ede (Pty) Limited
Camerons Blinds & Awnings
Canvas City
Capron Carter Pty Limited
Carr Australia Pty Ltd
Carr Fasteners
Choice Canvas
CJ Loftus
Clark Shade Sails
Coats Australian
Coffs Canvas
Col's Vinyl and Canvas Goods
Complete Canvas Pty Ltd
Contender Sailcloth Pty Ltd
Copelands & Pickers
Coulin Marine Upholstery
Craft Coverings Qld Pty Ltd
Creative Canvas
Creative Plastics
Creative Shade Sails
Crew Products
Crumps Canvas
D&R Tarpaulins
Darling Downs Tarpaulins
Del-Ray Canvas Australia
Eagle Canvas Pty Ltd
East Coast Canvas and Helitrim
East Coast Shades Pty Ltd
EH Brett & Sons Pty Limited
Elco Solutions Pty Ltd
Elementex Pty Ltd
Elero Pty Limited
Elite Shade and Sails
Elizabeth Sewing Machines Co.
EMA International Pty Ltd
Envirosmart industrial Pty Ltd
Esperance Trim & Canvas
Fabric SolutionsAustralia Pty Ltd
G C Sutherland Canvas Goods
G S World Pty Ltd
G V Mulder Australia Pty Ltd
Gale & Rimington Sailmakers
Gale Pacific Limited
Geoff Miller Pty Ltd
Gerber Technology
Giraffe Marketing
Glen Raven
Global Awning Accessories Aus Pty Ltd
Goodearl & Bailey Pty Ltd
Goodridge Industries Pty Ltd
H-Line Structures Australia
Halifax Vogel Group NSW
Hamlins Accessories & Labels
Hardback Spa Covers
Hiraoka ( Australia) Pty Ltd
HNS Canvas
Hood Sailmakers (Brisbane) PL
Horizon Sailmakers
Hunter Douglas Ltd
ICL (SA) Pty Ltd
Illawarra Blinds & Awnings
Image Blinds Pty Ltd
Imex Creative Products Pty Ltd
IMS Apparel Equipment Pty Ltd
Indtex Australia Pty Ltd
Industrial Canvases
Innova International Pty Ltd
Irymple Canvas
Johnno's Camper Trailers
Jon Wilson Canvas & Shade
Kalgoorlie Kanvas
Kelmatt Australia Pty Limited
Ken Stone Motor Trimmers
Kenlow (1982) Pty Ltd
Khoi's Blinds Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Kimberley Kampers
Kotzur Kanvas
Lakeview Blinds and Awnings
Made 4 Shade
Mailbag Manufacturing Co.
MakMax Australia
Miami Stainless
Murphy's Tarp Service
Naggs Canvas
Nan's Tarps
Nigel Gillie Upholstery
Nolan O'Rourke & Co Pty Ltd
Northern Canvas & Vinyl Pty Ltd
Not Just Canvas
Oasis Tension Structures Aus Pty Ltd
Ozki Canvas
Ozrig Pty Ltd
Parkinson & Mann Pty Ltd
Patch's Canvas Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Pattons Awnings & Boat Trimmers
Pickers Vinyl and Canvas
Plastral Pty Ltd
PM & P Group Pty Limited
Polyfab Australia Pty Ltd
Polyweld Pty Ltd
Port Douglas Sailmakers Pty Ltd
Pro-Knit Industries Pty Ltd
Prorange Wholesalers Pty Ltd
Qualitycraft Coverings Pty Ltd
Queensland Wholesale Canvas (Cerchi Group)
Quins Canvas Goods
R B M Industrial Bags Pty Ltd
Radins Australia Pty Ltd
Rainbow Shade Products Pty Ltd
Rhino Water Tanks & Liners
Ricky Richards (Sales) Pty Ltd
Rocklea Canvas
Rollins Canvas & Party Hire
Roof Extenda Pty Ltd
Rupert Collins Pty Ltd
S.O.S. Marine
Sagamore Industries Pty Ltd
Sail City
Sails by Prior
Saint Marine Products
ScandiCo Pty Ltd
Sewing Perfection Machine Co. Pty Ltd
Sewing Thread Specialists
Shade Extreme
Shade Fabrications
Shade Products Australia
Shade Sails Australia
Shade Solutions
Shade to Order Pty Ltd
Shadeplan Pty Ltd
Shadeport Australia Pty Ltd
Shadescape Australia
Shadeworks VIC & NSW P/L
Shann Australia
Skye Park Rugs Pty Ltd
SkyShades Australia
Skyspan Umbrella's
Somfy Pty Ltd
Soulsby Sails Pty Ltd
South West Caf
Southern Cross Canvas Product
Stan Bond (SA) Pty Ltd
Stayput Fasteners Australia