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Commercial Furniture Industries Directory in Australia 
A. H. Beard Pty Ltd
Acme Fine Furniture
Acme Furniture
Acme-Jordan Furniture
AGS Billiards
Alcock, Thomson and Taylor Pty Ltd
Alexander J Cook Pty Ltd
Alfa Furniture
Alfresco Shade
Amara Kitchens & Appliances
Angeletos Furniture
Anthony Murray
Antrim Upholstery
Antry Pty Ltd
Appadene Forest Products Pty Ltd
Arteil (WA) Pty Ltd
Artek Furniture
Artifex Furniture
Artisan & Mayfair Furniture
Astra Furniture
Astra Furniture Pty Ltd
Atama Furniture
ATC Cebinet Makers/Joiners Pty Ltd
Atelier Furniture & Interiors Pty Ltd
Ausgum Furniture Pty Ltd
Australian Timber Products Pty Ltd
Auswest Timbers
B & G Furniture
Bale Defence Industries Pty Ltd
Baylis Quality Furniture
Beckaert Textiles
Bed Centre
Bedford Industries Incorporated
Bedmaster Bedding
Bedroom Gallery
Benchmark Interior Joinery
Beurteaux Australia Pty Ltd
Bluesky Healthcare Pty Ltd
Body Rest Bedding Co Pty Ltd
Boomerang Cabinets
Brad Steven Wellings
Brooker Furniture Pty Ltd
Burgtec Australasia Pty Ltd
C & M Leussink Engineering Pty Ltd
Candlewood Furniture Pty Ltd
Carjo Furniture
Casans Lounge Suites
Castle Hire
CFA Projects
Chair In The Air Pty Ltd
Charles Parsons & Co N.Z.
Chesterfield House
Chiropedic Bedding Pty Ltd
City Comfort Pty Ltd VIC
Clarecraft Jarrah
Colby Furniture Pty Ltd
Colobrite Furntiure Pty Ltd
Comfort Sleep Bedding Company
Comfortstyle Furniture & Bedding Pty Ltd
Commercial Furniture Australia
Concept Office Solutions
Contemporary Fine Furniture
Contour Furniture
Cooks Wrought Iron
Coringle Furniture Australia Pty Ltd
Creative Edge
Custom Furn Pty Ltd
D & G Furniture
D I M Furniture
Daire Timber Products
Danka Furniture
Davis Furniture Excellence
DC & M Products
Decor Design Centre
Decorator's Art
Design Craft Pty Ltd
Design Furniture Co Pty Ltd
DIM Furniture (Aust) P/L
Doenich Furniture
Domino Upholstery Pty Ltd
Dreamtime Bedding
Dubrak Enterprises
Dunlop Foams
Dyman Foams
Eachells Fine Furniture
Eagle Remac
East Stree Upholstery Pty Ltd
Eastgate Furniture Pty Ltd
Eaststyle (Aust) Pty Ltd
Easyliving Furniture & Interiors
Eiffel Furniture Pty Ltd
Elite Bedding
Elko Interiors Pty Ltd
Elle Furniture
Elmwood Designs
Elton Group Pty Ltd (Eveneer)
En Touche Designs
Endeavour Business Services
Enviro - Foam
Evolution Furniture/ NT Sawmilling
Flamingo Furniture
Fabrics by Robyn
Far Pavalions
FH Productions
Finer Finishers
Five Star Furniture (Vic) Pty Ltd
Forest Heritage Centre
Forty Winks Melville
Fox's Furniture & Woodwork Gallery
Fremantle Furniture Factory
Furniture Decor
Furniture Manufacturers Pty Ltd
Furniture Options
Future Foams Pty Ltd
Gauci Designs
G & J Brownlie T/A Silvertop Furnishings
G & S Furniture Designs Pty Ltd
G James Furniture
Garstone Design Furniture
Gascoigne Furniture
GBI Industries
Giltedge Kitchens & Cabinets
Glen Holst Furniture
Gold Coast Billiards
Granada Furnishings International Pty Ltd
Gunns Limited
Gunns Ltd
H and H Building Supplies Australia Pty Ltd
Hafele Australia Pty Ltd
Hammers Furniture
Hamra Furniture Pty Ltd
Hardware by Design Pty Ltd
High Craft Solutions Pty Ltd
Homestyle Furnishing Pty Ltd
Hughmark Quality Furniture Pty Ltd
Hycraft Furniture
Hypersonic Industries Pty Ltd
Icon Furniture Pty Ltd
In Vogue Furniture
In Vogue Furniture
In Your Room
Inglewood Products Group
Inside/Outside Furn & Homewares
Interfurn Australia Pty Ltd
International Cabinets Pty Ltd
J D Furniture Pty Ltd
Jackson Sofa Co.
Jah Roc Furniture York
Jah Roc Furniture Margaret River
Jamel Industries
Jarcourt Furniture Designs
Jardan Australia P/L
Jarrah World
Jensen Jarrah
Jensen Jarrah Pty Ltd
Jireh Shutters
John Beazley & Co Pty Ltd
Joyce Foams
Just Jarrah
K & W Distributors
K C A Steel Pty Ltd
KAB Seating Pty Ltd
KATMA Furniture Manufacturers
King Kahuna Pty Ltd
Kingwall Mfg Co Pty Ltd
Kitset Kitchens
Know-How Cabinetmaking
Lanfranco Furniture International
Legget & Plat
Leggett & Platt Wacol
Lounge Innovation
Lovesac Pty Ltd
Lyon Furniture Australia Pty Ltd
M J Furniture Co
Mai Furniture & Bedding
Manley-Westwood Furniture
Mark Perry Office Furniture
Marvan Woodturners
Mataro Furniture Manfuacturers Pty Ltd
Mattress Resources Australia
Merlino Furniture
Modular Furniture Pty Ltd
Molmic Furniture Pty Ltd
Moran of Melbourne
Morgon Furniture Pty Ltd
Nature's Cutting Boards
Nice Interiors
Nigretta of Hamilton
Noel Crompton Agencies
Norman Manufacturing
Northcoast Kitchens
Nova Hollandia
Obell Design Studio
Option Furntiure Design Pty Ltd
Orana Incoporated
Pesha Furniture
Page Furnishers Pty Ltd
Paragon Furniture
Parry & Williams
Perth Furniture Company
Pfitzer Furniture
Pine Accent
Port Jarrah Furniture
Punky - Jo Furniture Company
Quedos Billiard Tables
Queensport Furniture Mfrs
R M Design Aust Pty Ltd
R.G. Davis Furniture (VIC) Pty Ltd
R.J Steffensen Pty Ltd
RC Roberts
Realistic Furniture Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Rico Furniture Design
Rino Mastrotto Australia Pty Ltd
Rival Design Furniture Pty Ltd
Roll Out The Barrell Cooperage
Roxarne Pty Ltd
S.K Furniture
Saigon Kymdan Rubber Stock Co.
Sarraf Woodwork
SAS Furniture
Scalisi Fine
Sealy of Australia
Sealy of Australia Queensland
Sealy of Australia (Vic) Pty Ltd
Sealy of Australia WA
Seating Plus +
Shann Accessories
Sharp Plywood
Sherman Bros
Silver Lynx
Sitback Pty Ltd (Leather Interiors)
Skyspan Umbrellas Pty Ltd
Sleep Well Bedding
Sleepeezee Bedding (Aust ) Pty Ltd
Slumbercare Bedding (Aust) Pty Ltd
SlumberCorp Pty Ltd
Sofa & Sundries
Sofas to Size; Impacts Furniture Designs
Sofas to Size
South's Furniture
Southland Furniture Company
Spearwood Furniture Centre
Stag Pty Ltd VIC
Stallwood Furniture
Starwell Australia
Starwell Australia
Steinco Office Furniture
Stockman Furniture
Sunbury Nursery Furniture
Sundown Furniture
Sunrise Furniture
Suparest Bedding Pty Ltd
Supplycorp International Pty Ltd
Sympari Furniture
T & G Industries Pty Ltd
T.K Metal
Tabachi Pty Ltd
Techno Plastics Pty Ltd
Tessa Furniture
Texicote Pty Ltd
The Laminex Group
The Martin Group
The Solid Timber Man
The Pine Factory OzFurn Furnir Motion Chair Co
The Pine Factory
Therapod Seating Solutions
Thomas Peacock & Sons
Top Form Enterprises Pty Ltd
Topform Furniture Pty Ltd
Torrance & McKenna MOUNT
Totalink Merchants
Triple X Furniture Crestmead
Tubeworks Furniture Pty Ltd
Ultimate Furniture Australia
Unique care
Upholstering Distributors Australia Pty Ltd
Uptown Furniture
Urban Office
Urbanwood Pty Ltd
Vantage Incorporated -Nigretta Furniture
Vision Australia Enterprises
Wattle Products
Warwick Fabrics Australia Pty Ltd
Wellbuilt Furniture Mfrs P/L
Wentworth Furniture
Wespine Industries
West Australian Image Furniture Pty Ltd
Western Cabinets
Whittakers Timber Products
Wicker Australia Pty Ltd
Winna Pine Pty Ltd
Wonderest Limited
WorldStyle Furniture