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Timber Industry Listing
Trend Timbers Pty Ltd 

Phone:02 4577 5277

Fax:02 4577 6846

Address:Lot 1 Cunneen St, Mulgrave NSW 2756

Email: sales@trendtimbers.com.au 

Web: www.trendtimbers.com.au  

Products: Craft & Turning Timbers ,Decking ,Durability Timbers - weather exposure ,Exotic Species , External , Fencing ,Finishing Components ,Flooring Finishes ,Hardwood ,Heavy Construction Timber ,Internal Paneling ,Internal ,Landscaping Materials ,Softwood ,Stair and Handrails ,Strip Flooring ,Structural Timber ,Timber Coatings,Veneered Board ,Wall and or Ceiling Panelling 

Profile: Trend Timbers was founded in 1969 in Nth Sydney by Eric Clark and A D (Steve) Stevenson. These two timber men met in Singapore, Eric then with Malayan Timber and Trading.

Eric came to Australia in 1956 following many years in the timber industry in England and Singapore. The company was formed originally to charter vessels for the importation of S E Asian Logs for the Sydney saw mills of which there were six, and for the production of ply wood and veneers.

As the Sydney saw mills closed one by one over the next 5 or 6 years Trend imported sawn, mainly unseasoned timber from S E Asia and Japan, from which we serviced the timber merchants in Sydney and Melbourne with the large furniture manufacturers in Sydney specialising in Burmese and Thailand Teak.

In 1970 Richard Clark the current Managing Director of the company, joined the firm. His background in the timber industry started in 1957 in England in the port of Hull in Yorkshire handling Finnish and Canadian species in the manufacture of Greenhouses, Windows and Wooden Guttering (lengths up to 40ft). 

After 2 years in a home grown sawmill in Shropshire he joined the RAF for National Service. Two months before he was demobbed a hurricane hit his home town of Sheffield doing more damage in a single night than the blitz. 90% of the wooden fencing disappeared, so on leaving the forces he set up a Timber Fencing business which he ran until in December 1966. Richard came to Australia, working for A Hudsons and Cypress Pine Australia before joining Trend Timbers in 1970.

In 1970 all our timber imports were sold on contract. Foreign exchange contracts were raised to prevent any fluctuation in the dollar affecting the prices to our customers. 

In the early 70's Eric Clark regularly visited Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Yugoslavia, South America and Japan in search of supplies of Teak, Beech, Oak, Ash and Mahogany, while Richard visited New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, resulting in the addition of many species to our range including Kauri, Lignum Vitae, Ebony and African Blackwood.

Eric Clark died in 1977 after a long and distinguished career in the industry. Richard took over the running of the company and purchased Eric's share, Steve Stevenson(the silent partner) was a great inspiration to the new managing director and when Steve died in 1993 was greatly missed, not only at Trend, but by the Timber industry at large, having been president and founding member of the Sydney branch of Ho Ho International and Chairman of the Sydney Timber Importers association. Richard now owns the Company.

Our customers, then as now, were the higher quality timber merchant and manufacturer. We pride ourselves on our quality, range of stock and our service.